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– Slab Sawing
– Wire Sawing
– Wall Sawing
– Core Drilling
– GPR Scanning
– Concrete Pour Back
– Robotic Demolition
– Removal Services with Load & Haul

Certain types of specialized concrete work, such as concrete GPR scanning, are essential to the safety and success of your project – so don’t leave these critical tasks to a contractor you don’t trust. For the highest quality concrete work in Conroe, Cypress, Houston, Humble, Magnolia, Spring, The Woodlands, and Tomball, choose Slab Services, LLC. We focus on accurate sawing, long linear cuts through concrete, asphalt, and green (recently poured) concrete up to 24″ deep, as well as concrete core drilling of circular cut-outs at precise diameters and depths, ideal for both interior and exterior drilling projects.

General contractors in the greater Houston area seeking concrete GPR scanning turn to Slab Services, LLC, first.

We use reliable, cutting-edge technology for commercial and industrial locations to assess accurate detection of electrical conduits that are essential for preventing safety risks, power outages, and costly damages. We’re certified to operate on a variety of projects, focusing on the safety of your team and project integrity.

Core Drilling

Using diamond technology, concrete core drilling is a cutting technique used to create clean & precise circular openings at specific diameters and depths in concrete slabs & walls. This drilling technique can also be used to penetrate rebar and steel if required. Often necessary for utility installation, drilling can be performed both horizontally and vertically. Water fed drills create a dustless operation and help maintain a clean and safe worksite. Our skilled operators are capable of drilling a wide range of core sizes from 1” to 48” to meet your specific project needs. Whether your project requires 1 precise opening or hundreds, Slab Services is prepared to safely & efficiently handle your core drilling needs.

Core Drilling

Slab Sawing

When your project requires a clean edge and precise concrete cutting and removal, Slab Services is prepared to meet the needs. Slab Services, offers both electric and diesel slab sawing using diamond technology to customize a select demo plan for your project. Utility installation and location, concrete repair, expansion projects, & remodel projects are just a few types of jobs where Slab Services has been able to help with the precision of slab sawing and concrete removal which creates a much cleaner alternative to other demolition options. Depending on your project’s needs, our operators are able to cut up to 24” deep through concrete or asphalt. With the absolute highest standards our operators are trained to work side by side with you to keep the jobsite safe, clean and productive.

Slab Sawing

Wire Sawing

Concrete wire sawing was created through great advances in diamond application technology. The steel braided wire is impregnated with small cutting diamonds similar to blades and bits used for cutting concrete. The wire is oriented in a looped fashion on the cutting plane.

Wire Sawing

GPR Scanning

While utility installation is often the reason for a call to Slab Services, we are also aware there are cases in which existing utilities and other structural components such as post tension cable need to be avoided.

Using GPR (Ground Pentrating Radar) technology, a non-destructive scanning process, we can take a look into existing structures and devise a plan of the most effective and safe way to move forward when concrete penetrations, whether it be slab sawing or core drilling, are necessary in the area.

Located in Tomball, Texas, Slab Services, LLC provides services to Houston and the surrounding communities, including Rosenberg, Richmond, Galveston, Conroe, Spring, Katy, Sugarland and The Woodlands.

Slab Services, LLC is a proud member of C3 (Construction Career Collaborative), as well as a member of or certified in:

Our complete list of services includes:

  • Slab Sawing

  • Wire Sawing

  • Wall Sawing

  • Core Drilling

  • GPR Scanning

  • Concrete Pour Back

  • Robotic Demolition

  • Removal Services with Load & Haul

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